Transport to the world Global Cargo and distribution reach the world, which can be reached in more than 200 countries and regions around the world
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About us Postal world collection and transportation, global collection and transportation, and distribution all over the world
Philatelic world - philatelic world

Established in 2013, China Post World International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive international logistics solution company focusing on time stable logistics solution customization services. The company's four business segments: international air transportation, international express, FBA head trip and global Cargo. The company's core founding team has an average of more than 20 years of working experience. It has a professional service team to provide global customers with customized logistics solutions from China to the world and from the world to China, as well as a strong three-dimensional transportation structure of sea, land and air, a mature and sound logistics operation system, and the layout of multiple warehouses at home and abroad, which ensure the safety and timeliness stability of goods in many ways.

The company has experienced more than ten years. At present, we have served more than 18000 enterprises and individual customers around the world, and have won unanimous praise and long-term trust from many customers. In the future, we will continue to uphold the enterprise values of "dedicated service, exploration and innovation, sustainable growth, mutual assistance and win-win results", deeply cultivate the international logistics industry, radiate the world with Shenzhen as the center, continuously and deeply integrate logistics resources, innovate services, improve user experience, make Cargo easier, make foreign trade simpler, and help more Chinese businesses expand their territory overseas, Become a respected company in the container transportation industry.

200+ More than 200 lines worldwide

Postal world collection and transportation, which can be sent from China to countries all over the world, can be delivered as soon as the 3rd.

22+ Free storage point

It has 22 storage points in the United States, Canada, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou and Shenzhen airport, providing thoughtful free storage services.

18000+ It has served more than 18000 collective and individual customers around the world

The whole process of standard services, early service, professionals provide solutions free of charge; In the middle of service, support is required to pack, official account and website are always available to know the location of goods. Post service

26+ 26 official agents

Global shipping and air transportation, DHL DHL air cargo, TNT air cargo, UPS air cargo, FedEx air cargo, China Southern Airlines cargo, China Southern Airlines, China International Airlines and other 26 official agents cooperate, and the delivery is stable.

Our advantages For many years, it has been a service provider focusing on international Cargo solutions
Cargo process It can provide full transportation insurance services for cargo agents
01 Online shopping

Choose the goods
you want to transship

02 Fill in the warehouse address

The shopping receiving address is
written to the world warehouse address

03 Warehouse receipt

Send to post World
warehouse after shopping

04 Centralized shipment

The packaged goods are sent from the
post World warehouse to the destination

05 Waiting for receipt

Track package status
and wait for receipt

10Years of experience in international Cargo

Our commitment through the joint efforts of our professional experts and experienced service team, we ensure that every customer's experience is 100% perfect. Our value is customer centric / reliability / integrity / continuous improvement.

Philatelic world - International Collection and transportation services

Global Cargo and distribution reach the world, which can be reached in more than 200 countries and regions around the world

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